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The classical beauty of a Mimsy Designs dress has often been described as evoking something of a European style. Indeed, some of the charming elements of traditional "folk costume" can be seen in the understated aesthetic of the design. The "empire" waistline of the dress, in fact, finds its roots in the historic neo-classic period of the 18th century.

The "Mimsy Designs" dress can trace its lineage as far back as the "exomide," the "chiton," and the "chemise" of ancient Greece and the "dalmatica" of ancient Roman times. The "Little House on the Prairie" pioneer style is also evident in the dressís design.

The old fashioned, or vintage, aspect of a Mimsy Designs dress is that its essential feature is one of well-proportioned simplicity. Each dress is meticulously constructed and made by hand. The elegant symmetry of the fashion suggests comfort and good taste.

Pure 100% cotton, velvet, or silk is used in the creation of each dress. There are no zippers on the dress. Ribbons trim the waistline just below the bodice and are tied on either side of the dress under the arms. This allows for adjustability.

A Mimsy Designs dress has no sleeves and can be worn sleeveless or over a shirt, blouse or sweater.

A modest elegance is evident in the gentle flow of the long skirt of the dress. The generous amount of fabric in the skirt provides the wearer ample flexibility for play while maintaining a well-dressed look.

Mimsy Designs offers a broad choice of fabric prints. Whimsical elements and festive features are evident in the print of the cloth and in the details of the ribbons.

The Mimsy Designs dress is well made, lightweight, and affordable. Whether for "Sunday Best," or everyday wear, the Mimsy Designs dress expresses a quality of excellence in child-appropriate fashion.

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