about Mimsy

Mimsy Designs was conceived during my daughter's childhood: I loved designing her clothing, and choosing beautiful baby blankets; we had a “mother-daughter” apron set which was originally made for my mother and me by my aunt. We had tea parties on squares of fabric from my sewing room, with scraps for little napkins. Halloween costumes and costumes for plays were part of my fall and spring activities. While Rosie was growing up, I had little time or thought of creating a business, but the creative urge lingered in my heart.

Now that my daughter is in college, it was apparently the time for Mimsy Designs to be born. As soon I took the first step on this venture, it immediately assumed a momentum all of its own. It’s been an exciting and rewarding experience!

The name "Mimsy" came right out of the Jabberwocky poem by Lewis Carroll, when a friend of mine asked me to create a new name for myself. Although initially drawn from Carroll’s poem, I like to think that a deep connection to my Scottish heritage led me to the name, used by the Scotsman Robert Barr (1906) in A Rock in the Baltic, "In one corner of the room stood a sewing-machine, and on the long table were piles of mimsy stuff out of which feminine creations are constructed." This definitely could describe a scene at Mimsy Designs!

Mimsy Designs currently has ten employees: mothers working out of their homes and one high school student. I am proud to support families who find ways to work while remaining home with their children.

Mimsy Designs welcomes your suggestions. We can fulfill custom orders. My goal is to not only maintain this business, but to create a network for creative parents who wish to work at home by designing and marketing their own products. We can support each other in a quiet revolution to preserve family togetherness time.

Gale O’Brien

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